Gaming stamps!

Are the latest gaming stamps from Royal Mail worth getting?
20 January 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


Royal Mail box


Chris Berrow - When was the last time you sent a letter?

Leigh Milner - Well, do Christmas cards count?

Chris - Yeah, they actually do count. Royal Mail or releasing some special limited edition stamps. You can order the video games presentation pack, which includes eight special stamps for £14.25 and they come out today.

What the funniest thing is, is that they sent us some stamps in the post as a preview special. Do you know what happened? They couldn't get it through the letter box! We've got to go to the Post Office to get them! 

Thankfully, we do know what they look like. So you can get a limited edition, there's only 2,500 of those, but there's normal stamps that you can get. You can get ones that have Worms on second class; Lemmings, first-class; Sensible Soccer, first-class. You're not seeming like you're being lit up by the games!

Leigh - Where's Crash and Tomb Raider?

Chris - You can get a framed stamp set for 25 pounds. But, the problem is that you can't use them because they're in a frame. So I don't know what good they are, but anyway. If you want to check out the pictures now, they're on I can't imagine how many gamers are writing letters to their Nan with a special gaming stamp.

Leigh - Maybe they post a letter to their mum downstairs with their food requests for dinner...


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