Goat Simulator

Is it worth buying the cult hit Goat Simulator if you've never played it before?
21 August 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming




There are a few simulators that we have to mention… Train Driving Simulator… The Sims obviously… and what I would describe as a cult hit… Goat Simulator.

Chris Berrow makes Leigh Milner play... an unusual simulator.

Leigh - All right so on the menu screen you can see a town. L is run X to jump and run on the wall. Okay. Yay, I'm a dopey goat. I'll call him Billy. Right. Say another goat. Hi goat. What I if I hit him.Oh oh oh. Oh it's not getting up. My tongue is now stuck on the other goat's bum. What kind of game is this.

Chris - I'm just going to weigh in at this point and just tell you that you don't have to stay within the pen.

Leigh - I think I've killed my guy. There's like a control you can press which is circle and it just lies around on the ground and it looks well your guy looks dead so hitting your head on every single fence doesn't work. Okay. Oh.
He makes noises. How do I do that. Okay I'm out of the pen. I don't know how I did that. So this is where I cause disaster. Okay. I'm running on the highway and chasing a truck. I'm hoping that my tongue sticks to the truck. Whoa. Just caused the car crash. Okay. There's a bunch of protesters.

Chris - Try jumping which is X. That's how you got the fence for future reference.

Leigh - Oh no. I just. I just killed somebody I'm not standing on somebody I'm standing on the protestor and she's twitching... it's not looking good.

Chris - And I'm just going to do one more thing to add to your Goat Simulator experience... which is something I only discovered the other day which is that you can add a jetpack onto your goat for no reason the tool. 

Leigh - Oh my goodness. He does fly. Oh. So if you press triangle it flies. I'm now looking down on the city. That's fly again. I tried jumping over a sun lounger. Now I'm in the sea. I'm not even touching the controls. Put the controls down.

Chris - I think we just need to stop the game right there and turn it off. It sounds like you had fun though with that.

Leigh - I loved it. I think it's more entertainment than actually serious gaming. It's not really a game game is it's more like a sandbox you play for about 20 minutes then that's it. So as long as it's for is it free.

Chris - No.  I would say you pay about 10 quid.

Leigh - You spent that money we could've gone out for dinner on that...



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