Google Stadia: Preview

Leigh Milner previews Google Stadia, will it be any good?
20 November 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast




This month Google have released their new subscription service… Google Stadia… and Leigh Milner spoke to Nick Robinson and Justin Webb about it, with Matt Huxley from the Digital Institute in London… lecturer in eSports… and previous guest on this show! So here’s Leigh first of all explaining what Google Stadia actually is…

Leigh - If you decide to use Google Stadia you don’t need that chunky console, instead you have a receiver and a controller and you can stream it directly to any screen. It’s not like Netflix where you pay a subscription and you get access - you do have to pay for your games.

Justin - At least in theory.

Matt - The lack of a console is good, but a lot of people already have a console, so will they buy all their games again? The internet connection requirements are stringent as well.

Justin - Is it going to work?

Leigh - People are coming to this for the cost, it’s hundreds of pounds cheaper than the alternatives. Gamers want fast reliable games!

Nick - Will it help me improve at Fifa?

Leigh - no!



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