High Energy

26 September 2017

Izzie Clarke's been boiling down the science of mircowaves

20 March 2016

NASA plans to set fire to a space station, simply to find out what will happen.

11 January 2016

Row seven of the periodic table has been completed with the discovery of four super-heavy metals...

22 December 2015

This year we tackled some pretty big questions, like when Graihagh Jackson asked, when did time begin?

21 December 2015

If physics were music what would it sound like?

13 October 2015

Is winning the Nobel Prize everything its cracked up to be?

24 August 2015

Symmetry and physics have become completely inseparable over the last century, but how do they fit together?

24 August 2015

What is a 'Theory of Everything' and do we have a chance of finding one?

09 June 2015

What does science sound like? Sonification can turn data measurements, from experiments like CERN's, into music...

08 June 2015

The LHC is back up and running after almost 2 years of maintenance. Why did it take so long to turn it back on?

02 June 2015

Dark Matter might be made by colliding protons in the Large Hadron Collider, at CERN...

02 September 2014

General Fusion are a company trying a combination of methods to try and create energy but their methods are...

02 September 2014

Why do we need nuclear fusion when we have renewable energy?

02 September 2014

What is nuclear fusion? Many of us might have heard the term kicked around before but do we know what it means. We...

02 September 2014

The Joint European Torus initiative and what it means for the future of energy...

09 September 2012

Scientists at CERN are pretty sure they've found the Higgs boson, so what happens now?

20 March 2011

Any hypothesis on multiverses will remain just that, a hypothesis, until experimental physicists can find observations...

20 March 2011

Meera and Dave have been out to the Diamond synchrotron, an electron accelerator, based in Didcot, Oxfordshire where...

04 July 2010

Researchers in America have used a very powerful x-ray laser to strip away the electrons from an atom of neon. But...

19 October 2008

So what's the next step towards making fusion power a reality? Steve Cowley explains the plans for the...

19 October 2008

How could lasers be used to achieve fusion? Kate Lancaster joins us to explain all...

19 October 2008

Electricity from fusion could be a great alternative to traditional coal-fired power stations, supplying cheaper,...

19 October 2008

The Joint European Torus, or JET, is the biggest fusion experiment in the world right now - but how does it keep fusion...