History of Science

07 August 2018

What's the history of cannabis?

23 July 2018

Who were the key players in the history of IVF, and Louise Brown's birth?

17 July 2018

How do pilots know when they need to start descending, or where the airport is?

13 March 2018

How do images end up on the computer screen?

13 March 2018

How does a processor - the "brain" of the computer - actually work?

13 March 2018

How does a computer work if it doesn't have a processor?

09 January 2018

What killer compounds have emerged from the history books?

19 December 2017

Are scientific papers becoming more impenetrable in their lexicon implementation? Indubitably!

14 November 2017

What number is bigger? Tastebuds on a human tongue, or the number of stone blocks used to build the giant pyramid?

24 October 2017

How do tattoos remain in the skin?

09 May 2017

Did a falling apple really inspire Isaac Newton's theory of gravity?

04 April 2017

The team get stumped by some tricky questions...

24 January 2017

A look back at Gene Cernan's achievements and hopes for space exploration.

16 January 2017

Does it matter when the movies get the science wrong?

05 January 2017

The team celebrated their 15th birthday this year, but what happens in their newsroom?

18 October 2016

How did the hospital become an integral part of society?

23 August 2016

Should scientists be judged only on where they published rather than what they publish?

15 August 2016

When did our relationship with drugs first begin? Think back to the beginning of recorded history... and then some!

15 August 2016

Guardian blogger and biologist Stephen Curry shares the ins and outs of his day...

15 August 2016

Most science isn't groundbreaking; it often builds a picture, pixel by pixel, to complete our understanding of the...

23 June 2016

The Russian's metal ball was propelled into orbit in 1957 and everyone watched with awe and unease...

17 June 2016

We've been conducting autopsies for hundreds of years but they weren't commonplace and often used as a...