24 April 2018

Can anyone learn to run a marathon?

26 September 2017

Scientists have developed an implantable device that mimics the pancreas as a potential therapy for type one diabetes.

21 March 2017

Are chemicals in the environment disrupting our ability to reproduce?

21 March 2017

What factors affect the quality of a woman’s eggs?

21 March 2017

What affects a man’s ability to successfully reproduce?

05 January 2017

Why laughing is good for your mind, body and soul.

14 November 2016

To celebrate Hallowe’en, I’ve picked the scary-sounding fruit fly gene Ouija Board as our gene of the month.

31 August 2016

A large scale study reveals how human height has changed in the last 100 years...

26 July 2016

New understanding of why fat builds up in arteries could hold the key to a cure.

18 July 2016

Do women really synchronise their periods when living together?

25 May 2016

How does your body react when you're feeling stressed? Graihagh did a 'stress test' to find out...

15 February 2016

When women come off birth control there can be a drop in marital satisfaction, according to research...

02 February 2016

People often assume that pregnant women are suffering from 'momnesia'. But is there any evidence that having...

03 August 2015

Could the hormone associated with breast feeding and mother-baby bonding also be responsible for our feelings of...

03 August 2015

How do hormones help take you on a path to a gender? And what can disrupt this process?

03 August 2015

Testosterone is associated with lust and aggression, but does it deserve its reputation, and what would a world...

03 August 2015

How do sex hormones work, and what happens when you start taking supplements?

18 May 2015

Researchers have discovered a neural code for food abundance

27 April 2015

Your body clock uses colour to determine the time of day, which may even explain how colour vision evolved in the...

12 January 2015

A new ingredient that can trick your body into feeling full has been discovered by researchers in London.

16 September 2014

It's remarkably common for elderly people who were previously healthy to die soon after their spouse. Why does...

15 April 2014

Is there a better way to get over jet lag than just waiting 1 day per time zone to recover?

22 January 2012

An international consortium last year confirmed that aspirin can protect people with a genetic predisposition to bowel...