28 February 2017

Bees have been trained to kick a ball around, displaying their surprising capability to learn.

31 January 2017

What kind of things can we study using optogenetics?

24 January 2017

Do we really snack on arachnids while sleeping?

10 January 2017

Could a gene drive eradicate mosquitoes?

15 December 2016

Computer simulations reveal how ants work together to carry large food items back to the nest.

15 December 2016

The size and nutritional content of meals influences how sleepy a fly feels afterwards...

14 November 2016

To celebrate Hallowe’en, I’ve picked the scary-sounding fruit fly gene Ouija Board as our gene of the month.

07 October 2016

Modelling the effectiveness of bednets against mosquitoes and malaria...

13 September 2016

A single-dose treatment has cured malaria in mice.

11 September 2016

And finally it’s time for our Gene of the Month, and this time it’s Deadpan.

22 August 2016

A controversial pesticide has been linked to long-term wild bee decline.

02 August 2016

New research shows the possible scale of Zika virus infection.

02 August 2016

A parasitic plant that devastates crops in some parts of the world may have now met its match thanks to the household...

12 July 2016

What is biodiversity and can it survive urbanisation?

30 June 2016

Honeybees adjust the position of their antennae as they fly

27 June 2016

The itchier a mosquito bite, the more likely you are to get a disease from it.

07 June 2016

Bees can tell one flower from another just by electric fields that the flowers send out. But how do they do it?

06 June 2016

And finally it’s time for our gene of the month, and this time it’s Armadillo.

23 May 2016

Is it true that bumblebees defy physics when they fly?

11 May 2016

And finally it’s time for our gene of the month, and this time it’s Alhambra.

03 May 2016

Police are almost never the first at the scene of a murder: blow flies can arrive in just 15 seconds.

05 April 2016

Our gene of the month is Pygopus, named after the species of Australian legless lizard.

03 April 2016

In most species females live longer than males but we still don't know why.

23 March 2016

The guts of male and female fruit flies age differently.