The Last of Us Part II - Trailer Reaction

As the latest trailer for The Last of Us Part II is released, Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner react.
21 October 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast




How is The Last of Us Part II looking in the latest trailer?

Chris - If you missed it, I'll play you a bit of it now.


Chris - So we just watched it for the first time... it’s been really hard to avoid watching that trailer because it's so highly anticipated.

Leigh - What do you think

Chris - I like this game a lot. The Last of Us is one of the best games because the graphics are really good but usually that means that the gameplay is really rubbish. The shooting in the game is amazing, and the story really follows through as well... and it had really good multiplayer. It looks like it carries on from the first one with Ellie who is the girl who you trying to rescue in the first game. The massive shock there for me is that Joel... I think he's called the guy you played as in the first game... comes back. He's back baby.

Leigh - I mean I'm excited for it.

Chris - Yeah it looks like it's a bit more sinister than the previous games. Quite gory. More gory than the last one though, because in the last one the clickers... they didn't tend to have you know it wasn't loads of blood or anything but this one that went well yeah.

Leigh - It looks quite brutal didn't it... you love it because you like your zombie games.

Chris - I do but I liked this one particularly because it's from the same team that made the Uncharted series, so they've got that kind of amazing movement and story from that... but it just looks like they pushed the graphics up to the next level. Like the facial technology you know you can see people's emotions in their eyes and stuff. It's bonkers how good it is nowadays really.

Leigh - It's something I play. It's just it seems to be a lot of games out at the minute that are quite similar. Very similar storyline to you know Days Gone. Quite a similar storyline again isn't it. You know you've got to save the world and battle the zombies. I'm just waiting for something a bit new. That's why I loved Control.

Chris - Oh yeah. We reviewed that last month because that's something different. Their kind of selling point is that you can destroy the environment and throw it at the bad guys around it.

The Last of Us Part II is set for a February release and it's a PS4 exclusive. So if you haven't bought one… maybe for Christmas.


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