10 July 2018

How does sunscreen protect your skin?

08 May 2018

You can place the tiny laser on contact lenses and banknotes.

10 April 2018

What are optometrists measuring during an eye exam?

23 January 2018

Imagine folding up a a giant telescope, like origami, squashing it into a rocket and blasting it one million miles into...

21 December 2017

Our guests get into a bit of a tangle...

11 July 2017

Looking at corals in the dark at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition.

11 July 2017

Could corals migrate to deeper water to survive climate change?

04 July 2017

How the brightest light on Earth will improve X-Ray imaging and security measures.

31 January 2017

What does pond life have to do with lighting up your brain?

24 January 2017

The bright light emitted from LEDs could be affecting our health...

24 January 2017

It started with fire, then light bulbs and now LEDs but how did this come about?

04 January 2017

Does it matter that the light bulb is destroying the night?

27 September 2016

When detecting and treating tumours, being able to visualise them is essential.

25 January 2016

How the world's telescopes are joining forces to try and see the unseeable: the shadow cat by the event horizon...

04 May 2015

Millions of people live close to volcanoes, but what danger are they in, and are there any long term health effects...

13 March 2015

Light continues to perplex scientists today, so we take a look back in history to try and understand what it is...

01 September 2014

Scientists using quasars - massive black holes - to understand the origin of light in our universe

26 August 2014

Lasers are helping to create energy by using the suns rays.

11 July 2013

A Cambridge team test the limits of solar power as they prepare to race a car across the Australian outback fueled only...

30 May 2013

Naked Scientist Dominic Ford hopped on a train to find out how LED technology is being commercialised in the UK's...

30 May 2013

Do energy saving lightbulbs affect your sleep cycle? We find out.....

17 August 2012

In an update from the Royal Astronomical Society, we hear how Dawn, currently orbiting Vesta, will depart for a new...

26 June 2012

Some substances, including drugs and explosives, can be concealed by dissolving them in another liquid such as an...