Mailbox: Big fans and big burgers

We see what you've been sending in
22 October 2019


A CG image of a white figure carrying a large red envelope


We're taking a look at the messages you've been sending in...

Adam - And now it's time for the mailbox which is the part of the show where we look at what you've been sending us in, and we just wanted to say a big thanks to Schuyler Moore who's part of the most impressive of clubs which is people who have listened to all our episodes which must be a thousand plus going back nearly 20 years at this stage!

So thank you very much Schuyler. And just a reminder that if you're interested in any of the stories we've covered all the transcripts and papers can be found on our website.

Chris - Thanks very much to Ed Wilson who's tweeted @nakedscientists and sent us a wonderful picture of an Apocalypse Cow burger. That does look like actually it would sustain me for about a week. Probably about 10 inches tall that burger and that looks like it's one two three four five six seven seven or eight burgers? And that's not including the chips which fill the entire tray that it's on!


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