13 June 2017

Is it a mermaid? A siren? ...Wait, is it a dugong?

28 March 2017

How do animals in the deep blue sea manage to disappear?

28 February 2017

How one species is already feeling the pinch of rising temperatures.

21 February 2017

Could seagrass hold the key to cleaning up our oceans?

05 January 2017

Why urban environments could be the future of conservation.

29 December 2016

Why do some people also enjoy a cold dip at Christmas?

14 November 2016

Emma Farley's work focuses on understanding exactly what the switches in our genome look like, and how they...

31 August 2016

Zebrafish have lubricated joints similar to those in humans and other land animals

12 July 2016

When we think of wildlife we don't tend to consider old demolition sites prime habitats, but maybe we should give...

27 June 2016

The science behind frying, and top tips on getting your fish perfect

27 June 2016

A wetsuit has been designed which could render the wearer either invisible or repellent to sharks...

13 June 2016

How studying fish can help us to turbot-charge heart research...

19 April 2016

UK supermarkets back the campaign to cut tuna fishing, but is this enough?

13 February 2016

And finally it’s time for our Gene of the Month, and this time it’s the cute and cuddly Panda.

23 December 2015

How can more than 100 different species of coral spawn at the same time?

30 November 2015

Kat sinks a rather fishy tale, in this week's mythconception.

17 November 2015

Kat Arney dispells the myth that Sharks don't get cancer

12 November 2015

Why do the bacteria in deep-sea mussels have so many toxin- like genes?

02 November 2015

The loss of megafauna and their poo are starving the world's oceans of nutrients like phosphorus...

17 August 2015

Zebras' stripes make it difficult for predators to catch them- or that's what we thought before new...

21 July 2015

A binge-eating fish in Mexico shares a genetic mutation found in obese people but unlike humans, these fish stay...

26 May 2015

We finally find out what has happened to Jolle's stickleback fish!

21 May 2015

This tiddler of British waters camouflages by changing colour...

18 May 2015

Zebrafish can make their own sunscreen