Materials Science

24 October 2017

In the future, electronic tattoos will monitor our health...

24 October 2017

A new material could improve procedures to treat acid attack and burn patients

18 July 2017

A team of real life spidermen at Cambridge University have invented a new, greener, cleaner form of artificial spider...

04 July 2017

We brought the beach to the studio... But what's the science to a superior sandcastle?

27 June 2017

How are technologies and breakthroughs made for the space race helping to make life better for us here on the ground?

09 May 2017

Worldwide, we use over a trillion plastic bags every year. Can a caterpillar help reduce our waste?

21 February 2017

One of America's most hated spiders isn't all bad: its web could teach us to make much tougher materials.

28 December 2016

Alan Calverd tells us about some interesting gold rings back in science history...

18 November 2016

The annual International Conference of Navigation was held in Glasgow this year, and we spoke to the president.

10 October 2016

Three Brits take the prize for their discoveries on abrupt changes in the properties, or phases, of ultra-thin...

27 September 2016

We've all heard of holograms that use light, but what about a sound hologram that allows you to move particles...

27 September 2016

Could a light bulb be the latest in internet connectivity? Quite possibly...

20 September 2016

What is the Gaia mission and how did it come about in the first place?

20 September 2016

Part 1 of George Seabroke's poem Gaia.

20 September 2016

What are the instruments on board Gaia and how do they work?

20 September 2016

Part 2 of George Seabroke's poem Gaia.

20 September 2016

What will Gaia do for the future of space research?

22 August 2016

Could a common technique to prevent premature birth actually cause it?

02 August 2016

The story behind a mysterious super material and the man that refused to give it away.

02 August 2016

The inside of a jet engine can get up to 1600 degrees Celsius, so how do the materials survive this intense heat?

02 August 2016

The Solar Orbiter is going closer to the sun than we've ever sent anything before, but how do you design it to...

26 July 2016

Researchers may have found a tiny solution for storing big data.

26 July 2016

Are Teflon and Velcro really products of NASA's missions to space?