24 August 2017

How can spotting X rays from exploding stars help identify skin cancers?

24 August 2017

How an ancient Babylonian tablet has finally given up its 3,700-year-old mysteries.

25 July 2017

How a mathematical search theory can be used to hunt for sunken ships on the bottom of the ocean.

11 July 2017

Making waves in the lab to better understand mixing in the ocean.

16 May 2017

Is maths our best bet to communicate with aliens?

16 May 2017

How mathematicians use evolution to find the best solution to a problem.

16 May 2017

We explain what game theory is and do a little experiment of our own...

16 May 2017

From hexagonal honeycombs to counting to four, bees love maths!

02 January 2017

If you fill out Drake's equation, life beyond Earth is highly probable...

28 November 2016

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25 October 2016

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06 June 2016

Why is there no Nobel Prize for Maths and what happens when you finally achieve your life's goal?

11 April 2016

A look back at one of the world's greatest mathematicians.

11 April 2016

A team have created a new form of personalised medicine, which could mean correct doses of drugs for transplant...

24 March 2016

One way to create artificial intelligence is to copy the brain...

24 March 2016

...and it's hiding in plain site. But where?

15 February 2016

Do men really have more partners than women, and why are we having less sex than ever?

25 January 2016

Time seems to have a clear and irreversible direction; physics doesn't recognise this though. This problem has...

22 December 2015

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09 November 2015

Tomorrow's Engineers Week aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

24 August 2015

Symmetry underpins much of modern physics and maths but what exactly is it?

21 July 2015

One of the seven problems have been solved but the Russian who found the solution refused the money. We hear his story...

21 July 2015

If you have to pop the shoe shop, the bank and the grocers, which way is quickest? How do computers work this out and...

21 July 2015

If the Navier Stokes equation is solved, it would lead to advances in a huge number of fields, including travel,...