11 July 2017

A new development in the fight against cancer.

10 July 2017

A new technique to grow replacement bile ducts for patients with liver disease.

04 July 2017

A new imaging technique makes better and faster diagnoses, even during surgery.

20 June 2017

How do RAF pilots deal with the intense pressure on their hearts?

20 June 2017

How echocardiograms allow us to peek inside our ticker.

15 June 2017

For a tuberculosis infection to progress, around 50 bacterial cells need to infect a single immune cell.

09 May 2017

Can one pill make us run for longer AND gain less weight?

11 April 2017

Taking antibiotics during pregnancy may lead to behaviour changes in your child.

02 April 2017

The Toxoplasma gondii parasite builds a scaffold inside human and other animal cells to help it multiply and cause...

21 March 2017

Artificially-produced antibodies switch off tumour's "don't eat me" signal...

14 March 2017

Scientists have completed a trial for the ebola vaccine on captive chimps, but could this be the last one?

14 March 2017

People with OCD find it hard to learn when something is safe, which could explain why treatments don't always work...

21 February 2017

With PrEP drugs unavailable from National health services for many, some are taking matters into their own hands.

21 February 2017

Should we fund PrEP on the NHS?

21 February 2017

What is HIV, how do you catch the infection, and what could be behind the recent reduction in cases?

14 February 2017

What's it like to be able to hear again with a 'bionic ear'?

14 February 2017

Vaping seems to be safer than smoking, but is it causing more teenagers to take up the habit?

31 January 2017

AI did as well as a panel of doctors when searching for skin cancer.

31 January 2017

A pancreas transplant between a mouse and rat has reversed the symptoms of diabetes.

24 January 2017

Soft robotic sleeve gives hearts a helping hand.

16 January 2017

Are antioxidants all they're cracked up to be?

16 January 2017

A new app hopes to make walking easier for the elderly.

05 January 2017

Chris gets his ticker checked with an ECG.