Interviews about Medicine

Interviews about medicine, physiology, pathology, bacteria and viruses, pharmacology, food, hormones, neuroscience and psychology...

29 April 2007

Bruce Winney talks about the genes which make up the British people

29 April 2007

Chelsea and Bob try to answer the age old question 'Why do we buy what we buy?' Does celebrity endorsement...

22 April 2007

Laura Font describes how she has found a way to find out where migratory birds have been by measuring strontium isotope...

22 April 2007

Stan Harpole talking about how using fertilisers can reduce biodiversity by destroying the niches that allow complex...

15 April 2007

Dr Andrew Futreal tell us about identifying faulty genes in tumours, and how these could be used for targeted therapy.

15 April 2007

Sabina Michnowicz speaks to Jason Wray, John Stingl and Brian Huntley on the role that stem cells have to play in cancer

15 April 2007

Fiona Watt explains how stem cells are a major player in cancer growth, and may be the key to finding new cures.

15 April 2007

Bob and Chelsea look at two ways you can lower your risk of cancer.

01 April 2007

Anthony has been investigating injecting stem cells into the heart to help it recover.

01 April 2007

Chelsea and Bob look into Puberty and Death - expolring why teenagers are moody and using computers to predict how you...

01 April 2007

What is heart disease, what is a cardiac arrest, Niall Campbell explains.

25 March 2007

Bob and Chelsea hear about the music of the ocean, including scientists that listen to whale communication, and how the...

18 March 2007

Insect viruses are indestructible thanks to their crystal structure - why is this important? Find out here.

11 March 2007

The Naked Scientists spoke to Chelsea Ward and Bob Hirshon from AAAS

04 March 2007

Keith Dobney studies how animals were domesticated thousands of years ago

25 February 2007

Mark talks about some of the more unpleasent creatures that could be sharing your body with you.

18 February 2007

The Naked Scientists spoke to Chelsea Wald and Bob Hirshon from AAAS, the Science Society

11 February 2007

Anat is a radiologist and uses radiation to help cure disease

04 February 2007

How doctors deal with pain, what painkillers do to you and what pain does to you.

04 February 2007

Anna looks at how colour is involved in finding and choosing a mate, in the animal and human kingdoms.

04 February 2007

Geoff Woods has been researching why some people are unable to feel pain, and how this could be useful for medicine.

04 February 2007

How Chillies trick your mouth into thinking it is hot and how this is related to tarantulas.

21 January 2007

Chelsea and Bob look at a new bungee backpack and how you should sit in a chair

14 January 2007

How wearing red could make you a top sportsman