Megan's verdict on electric cars

Would you buy an electric car?
03 March 2020

Interview with 

Megan McGregor, Naked Scientists




The show began this week by handing the keys of an electric car to Megan McGregor, who normally drives a standard petrol car. So what’s her verdict?

Megan - After a weekend using an electric car, what do I think? Well, first off, I think a lot of the concerns about range haven't really kept up with reality. I had no issue while I was pottering around this weekend and unless you're driving 60 miles each way to work everyday, I wouldn't foresee any problems for day to day use. I still have a bit of lingering concern about charging. I was able to make do with the charging point at the park and ride this weekend, but I honestly wouldn't want that to be a long term solution.

All the different charging networks give you choice but it feels pretty overwhelming for a newcomer. From the people I've spoken to for this show, it seems everything is a lot more manageable if you can get a home charger installed, but I'm not in a position to do that. That said, if you can get a home charger, I think you're onto a winner and I do hope that public charging infrastructure develops to a point where not being able to charge at home doesn't feel like a barrier to owning one of these cars.


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