19 December 2017

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19 September 2017

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19 September 2017

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31 January 2017

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22 August 2016

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23 May 2016

How close are we to understanding and treating dementia?

03 May 2016

Forensic science is only crucial in about 3% of trials, so can we rely on eye-witness testimony?

26 April 2016

Despite dire predictions new research suggests that dementia rates are actually falling, specifically in men.

03 April 2016

How do we form a memory and once it's there, how do we get it back again?

03 April 2016

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03 April 2016

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03 April 2016

Brain training apps are a huge market, but do they actually work?

07 March 2016

Nitrous oxide has been shown to reduce the instance of intrusive memories from a "traumatic" film.

02 February 2016

People often assume that pregnant women are suffering from 'momnesia'. But is there any evidence that having...

19 January 2016

What can hibernators teach us about neurodegenerative diseases like alzheimers?

23 December 2015

Male rats and female rats respond to stress in different ways...

22 December 2015

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12 November 2015

A nap during the day helps with the retention of important memories.

06 October 2015

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13 August 2015

Robert Plomin at King’s College London has discovered that genetics makes an unexpectedly large contribution to...

27 April 2015

Can video games boost your brain power, and do they have a place in the classroom?

26 March 2015

Our memories are not like a video recorder, they are often unreliable and easily influenced. How does this affect an...