31 May 2018

The techniques used by bats to navigate space in three dimensions are becoming clearer.

08 May 2018

The City of Cape Town are running out of water. Who's next?

08 May 2018

How to re-use the water from your morning shower...

08 May 2018

Turns out, our planet earth is a watery place, its in the ground, in our atmosphere and water covers 71 percent of the...

08 May 2018

Why is it important to have clean water?

27 February 2018

What are the chances of Xeno contaminating nature?

27 February 2018

How do you build an entirely new type of DNA?

27 February 2018

What if you had a system that used the rules of biology, but was completely separate to it?

26 February 2018

Tree crickets amplify the sounds of their mating calls by cutting a hole into the centre of a leaf and using it as an...

04 July 2017

Move over Question of the Week! It's marine month, and there's a new feature in town....

14 March 2017

Project CRUST has designed a computer model which will make it easier to protect at-risk communities from the...

04 January 2017

How one community has decided to turn the lights down low in the search for darkness...

14 May 2015

How thousands of years of selective breeding have turned teosinte into maize...

11 November 2014

The echolocation technique that helps bats to find food, confuse competitors and avoid crashing into things...

05 August 2007

Ben finds out how to avoid being stung and make a great cup of tea at the same time.