27 February 2018

Researchers have found a new link to the development of Parkinson's disease.

26 February 2018

People with post-traumatic stress disorder pay more attention to surprise.

13 February 2018

The video game that explores how we learn.

13 February 2018

Catalytic Clothing - The jeans that remove air pollutants.

16 January 2018

An app that can measure mindfulnesss..

16 January 2018

What do our experts recommend for a healthy new year?

16 January 2018

Negative feedback is bad for our self-esteem, especially when it is unexpected.

22 December 2017

And why are kid up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day?

19 December 2017

Can social media use influence our happiness?

19 December 2017

The colour and content of Instagram posts have been shown to be linked to depression, and could be a route for...

19 December 2017

Can Facebook and Twitter influence our moods, our beliefs or even an election?

28 November 2017

How to have your brain age well...

22 November 2017

A specific gene in skeletal muscle helps to regulate sleep...

07 November 2017

A lucky circumstance allowed scientists to get inside the human mind.

31 October 2017

What exactly is the paranormal?

19 September 2017

Do head injuries from impact sports lead to Alzheimer's disease?

19 September 2017

How did 70% of people admit to a crime that never actually happened?

19 September 2017

Can we delete memories? Scientists have created a drug that seems to do the trick...

19 September 2017

What are memories? And where are they stored?

11 September 2017

Early changes in the brain indicate how severe epilepsy will be.

11 September 2017

Mekada fish can recognise each other – but only if their faces are the right way up.

24 August 2017

Remember the Holodeck in Star Trek? Well, animals now have their own virtual reality room...

18 July 2017

A region of the brain called the intraparietal sulcus becomes more active when volunteers expect to receive a shock.

13 June 2017

The myth busting continues, how much of our brain do we use?