18 July 2017

How accurate is the primate science in War of the Planet of the Apes?

23 May 2017

What happened in May 2017's cyber attacks?

17 January 2017

We find out why science can be a laughing matter.

02 January 2017

Why do we enjoy conspiracy theories and where did they come from?

29 December 2016

We round off Christmas 2016 with a final rendition of A Partridge in a Pear Tree...

28 December 2016

A hoard of science-hungry academic luminaries join the Naked Scientists to celebrate Christmas

07 November 2016

Roswell High, Area 51 and Redndlesham Forest - all are places were aliens have been reported...

31 October 2016

What makes a film a horror?

13 September 2016

When it comes to exams, who decides what needs to be tested and how?

13 September 2016

How much scientific research actually gets in to education policy?

23 August 2016

This is where the press office steps in but how do they ensure their story gets good coverage?

23 August 2016

Should scientists be judged only on where they published rather than what they publish?

15 August 2016

Science is usually touted as a good thing, but could their be a dark side?

15 August 2016

With the invention of social media, the landscape of news is drastically changing and some are worried about what the...

15 August 2016

A perspective from biologist Stephen Curry...

15 August 2016

Every wondered how we put together a programme? All is revealed...

15 August 2016

It may provide a level of quality control but what can be done to improve it?

15 August 2016

Classically, an experiment starts with a good question but with the latest science, that's not neccessarily the...

15 August 2016

Guardian blogger and biologist Stephen Curry shares the ins and outs of his day...

02 August 2016

Kat Arney is back with her mythconception and this week she’s been busy researching in the pub...

17 June 2016

We've been conducting autopsies for hundreds of years but they weren't commonplace and often used as a...

07 June 2016

New technology is all well and good but in order to live truly sustainably do we need to change the way we live?

25 May 2016

Some find an event stressful, other just feel it as pressure but why do we experience the same situation differently?