25 September 2018

The mysterious fossils called Ediacarans have been revealed to be our early ancestors.

02 January 2018

What did Homo Naledi's brain look like?

19 December 2017

Dinosaurs had to contend with bloodsucking ticks millions of years before we did.

14 November 2017

What number is bigger? Tastebuds on a human tongue, or the number of stone blocks used to build the giant pyramid?

07 November 2017

New modelling of the catastrophic meteor impact has given us a clearer idea of what happened afterwards.

31 October 2017

Scientists have developed new insights into dinosaur colouring and camouflage.

30 May 2017

What are the secrets lying beneath our feet?

16 May 2017

A new discovery sheds light on the appearance of Homo naledi and when these ancient human relatives were alive.

28 March 2017

Scientists are proposing a radical reshuffle of the dinosaur family tree.

27 September 2016

Think you know what the dinosaurs looked like? Think again!

08 February 2016

X-rays can reveal the internal anatomical details of certain fossils

21 December 2015

In September a discovery was made that will change history book but who were Homo Naledi and what do they mean to us?

30 November 2015

What really killed the dinosaurs? Research this week has poured cold water on one of the leading theories...

17 November 2015

Water on the earth is easy to spot but there is also a lot beneath the surface and some of this is very very old.

10 August 2015

Researchers have discovered the first example of reproduction in complex life, in an organism called Fractofusus,...

26 June 2015

Finally, scientists have a complete picture of what one of nature's weirdest creatures looked like...

09 March 2015

The earliest evidence of our genus, Homo, has been unearthed in Ethiopia...

15 December 2014

There have been a number of mass-extinctions previously on Earth. Is another one on the cards? And if so, could...

15 December 2014

250 million years ago, life on Earth looked very different, both in the sea and on land. What wiped these strange...

15 December 2014

65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth, until suddenly they all vanished off the planet forever. What killed...

15 December 2014

Giant marsupials used to roam Australia, but when humans arrived 60 000 years ago, they suddenly became extinct. Did...

25 September 2014

A big part of finding ET is understanding what life actually is. We speak to Nick Lane to find out how life and non...