31 July 2018

Could parasites in your cat's poo boost your business potential?

03 July 2018

How the parasite Toxoplasma gondii adapts its growth rate to its environment

08 May 2018

Why is it important to have clean water?

19 December 2017

Dinosaurs had to contend with bloodsucking ticks millions of years before we did.

15 June 2017

We catch up on research into schistosomiasis that we first covered in episode 29...

02 April 2017

The Toxoplasma gondii parasite builds a scaffold inside human and other animal cells to help it multiply and cause...

10 January 2017

Could a gene drive eradicate mosquitoes?

14 November 2016

The parasites that cause African sleeping sickness can hide in the skin of healthy people...

20 September 2016

New chemicals on bed nets could beat resistance in malaria carrying mosquitoes.

08 February 2016

Bed bugs are spreading across the world and fast. However, they're becoming increasingly resistant to treatment...

23 December 2015

Mosquitoes identify human targets by detecting body heat.

11 October 2015

Michael Kimber has discovered how tiny biological packages produced by parasitic worms can control the immune system.

13 June 2015

LSHTM's David Baker may have found an unusual new approach for anti- malarial drugs, in the form of a well-known...

10 May 2015

As we head towards the summer, we've got some news that might be useful if you're heading off on vacation...

09 March 2015

People living apart from parasites could be causing diseases and allergies. Could scientists turn parasites into pills...

09 March 2015

When our body fights back, many parasites have ways of flying under the radar. Rick Maizels tells us more...

09 March 2015

What caused a flurry of deformed frogs across the US in the 1990s?

09 March 2015

The malaria parasite manipulates mosquitoes to make them more likely to feast on certain people and raise infection...

12 October 2014

Researchers have published results from the biggest ever study looking at how genetic variation in people affects...

26 August 2014

Bacteria are getting more and more resistant to antibiotics like penicillin. A way around this might be to use viruses...

10 July 2014

Originally identified in fruit flies, but similar genes are found across a wide range of organisms, from humans to...

17 June 2014

In the fight to tackle the spread of malaria, could the answer lie in warping the gender balance of the mosquito...

23 September 2013

The parasite toxoplasma stops mice being afraid of cats, but what happens when the parasite is removed?

12 June 2013

Mutant mosquitoes have lost their sense of smell, potentially leading to new repellents.