15 December 2016

A new approach helps researchers to assess data from many small-scale studies before designing clinical trials.

20 September 2016

New chemicals on bed nets could beat resistance in malaria carrying mosquitoes.

22 August 2016

Could a common technique to prevent premature birth actually cause it?

30 June 2016

A new way to produce a malaria drug using tobacco plants.

07 June 2016

Opiod painkillers like morphine are extremely powerful, but new research shows that they could cause chronic pain.

03 April 2016

These days origami has more uses than just paper, like using DNA to make teeny tiny objects!

15 February 2016

When women come off birth control there can be a drop in marital satisfaction, according to research...

06 October 2015

A new fizzing powder stops bleeding in its tracks...

10 August 2015

Researchers have tracked down the genetic factors that lead to the onset of Huntington's disease, to deduce at...

10 August 2015

Scientists have discovered a trigger for the regeneration of skin, hair or organs in humans. This could be used to...

03 August 2015

How do hormones help take you on a path to a gender? And what can disrupt this process?

07 July 2015

A study on young mice suggests that antibiotic use might be making children more likely to become obese.

27 April 2015

Two drugs that can help the brain to repair damage caused by multiple sclerosis have been uncovered by a new...

15 December 2014

With the Christmas party season in full swing, some of us may be piling on the pounds. Could popping a pill melt away...

01 December 2014

To defeat must create pain.

18 November 2014

What has the world response been to Ebola? Was it helpful? Was it proportionate?

18 November 2014

Where is the Ebola vaccine? Several candidate vaccines have now progressed to human trials and may soon be available...

27 October 2014

Scientists have developed a way to increase the effectiveness of a common diabetic drug - by shining light on it...

27 October 2014

A cheap 'paper strip' that tests for Ebola and other diseases in under 20 minutes has been developed...

23 October 2014

Favipiravir - a trial drug currently being tested against Ebola and influenza - has successfully treated norovirus...

25 September 2014

The latest in the fight against antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria.

23 September 2014

Could 3D printers ever save us a trip to the pharmacy by allowing us to print out prescription drugs at home?

08 July 2014

Cycling fans were devastated when Lance Armstrong was found guilty of systematic doping. But how can we prevent this in...

17 June 2014

How could fruit flies help eliminate Alzheimer's disease?