04 September 2018

When scientists redo studies they aren't getting the same results...

17 October 2017

Could our machines become self-aware?

24 August 2017

Can scientists prevent or predict the end of the world?

18 November 2016

Driverless cars could change the world- but what legal and ethical challenges do they bring with them?

07 November 2016

...but if we can't travel to them, will the discovery be all that profound?

15 August 2016

Science is usually touted as a good thing, but could their be a dark side?

06 June 2016

Why is there no Nobel Prize for Maths and what happens when you finally achieve your life's goal?

11 April 2016

What are the different weapons in the fight against poaching, and can the battle ever be won?

24 March 2016

Artificial intelligence seems like a long way off but should we considering its potential impacts now?

24 March 2016

When we talk about artificial intelligence, what do we actually mean?

20 March 2016

What is the sugar tax, why is it being imposed and, most importantly, will it work?

07 March 2016

Should scientists be allowed to give viruses dangerous properties to study how to combat them?

15 February 2016

Is kissing really seen as romantic the world over? It's less common than you might think...

25 January 2016

The idea of time being infinite is not a new concept but could solve many of our problems in physics when considering...

20 November 2015

After two years of sugar tax, the Mexican government canned it. But the UK is considering it... How effective would it...

27 October 2015

Human space travel is dangerous and expensive but its ability to inspire justifies the costs...

27 October 2015

What did the moon landings teach us about why humans go to space?

19 October 2015

How would society function on a small, dangerous planet over 30 million miles away from Earth?

25 August 2015

Should our time and money be going towards projects that are closer to home?

24 August 2015

Symmetry in faces is often linked with attractiveness, but why is this the case?

02 June 2015

Robots are being given 'simulated childhoods' so they become 'unbreakable' when out on a mission.

27 April 2015

The panelists talk about their favourite games, whether games can change your brain, and the dawn of eSports.

27 April 2015

Can technology from video games be used outside the entertainment industry?

14 April 2015

Cryonics is the preservation of people at low temperatures, with the aim of resuscitating them in the future. So how...