Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

18 March 2014

Harriet went to one of the biggests events at the Cambridge Science Festival, run by Chaos, to check out some of...

11 March 2014

This week a 13-year-old British schoolboy has become the world’s youngest person to carry out nuclear fusion...

15 February 2014

UK Science Minister, David Willetts addresses the AAAS Meeting in Chicago, 2014

11 February 2014

Refrigeration may be a bigger environmental issue than transporting food around the country...

06 January 2014

Can mathematics model the evolution of altruistic microbes that make molecules benefiting other bugs?

24 December 2013

Whoosh! Money to burn, or not. Why an alcohol-soaked ten Pound note won't actually singe...

24 December 2013

Blown fairy lights are a thing of the past since the strings of incandescent bulbs used to bedeck Christmas trees have...

24 December 2013

Why do we put salt on the roads in winter and how did the Victorian's use the same science to make salt in their...

01 December 2013

Very cold, weak electron beams have been used to collect large numbers of diffraction patterns from protein...

05 November 2013

Could turbine rearrangement increase the amount of energy we get from wind farms?

25 October 2013

Dave Ansell and Ginny Smith use cabbage juice to show what effect carbon dioxide has on the atmosphere...

25 October 2013

Dave Ansell and Ginny Smith make a volcanic crater using flour and a balloon, as well as answering questions from the...

25 October 2013

Dave Ansell and Ginny Smith make a flame Tornado to explain how the weather phenomena form...

15 October 2013

What happens to a tunnel in an earthquake? We discover how sand can liquefy...

03 October 2013

What happens in a vacuum? We remove the air from a bell jar to see if you can scream in space...

03 October 2013

Dave Ansell explains how to scare your friends by dropping a mug with seemingly nothing to stop it!

03 October 2013

How can you make a tiny fridge using an elastic band?

03 October 2013

Ginny Smith and Dave Ansell put crisp packets in a microwave - what will the result be?

25 September 2013

Australian radio astronomers are asking volunteers at home to donate computer power to help process their data.

11 September 2013

Could chemicals used in the fracking process seep into our drinking water?

11 September 2013

Fracking has been linked to earth tremors in Blackpool, but should that be a source of concern?

11 September 2013

Escapes of methane from fracking sites could trigger substantial global warming, as methane is a greenhouse gas.

11 September 2013

Is fracking an energy source the UK should explore? Or is it a risk too far?

11 September 2013

Fracking has been subject of intense global debate in recent months. But what does it involve?