Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

26 September 2017

Izzie Clarke's been boiling down the science of mircowaves

24 August 2017

How can spotting X rays from exploding stars help identify skin cancers?

24 August 2017

How an ancient Babylonian tablet has finally given up its 3,700-year-old mysteries.

15 August 2017

A team at the University of Iowa are listening to the sounds of space ...

15 August 2017

Radio telescopes dotted across the globe have joined up to create the Event Horizon Telescope, which is the size of the...

15 August 2017

What does Saturn smell like?

15 August 2017

In 2020, the European Space Agency will launch a rover onto the surface of Mars on an exploratory mission to look for...

14 August 2017

Only 5% of the universe is made up of physical matter, what else is out there?

01 August 2017

A look at bioremediation and how microbes may help us clean up nuclear waste.

25 July 2017

Deep sea mining could provide us with more renewable energy, however, it could have dramatic impacts on the things that...

25 July 2017

How a mathematical search theory can be used to hunt for sunken ships on the bottom of the ocean.

18 July 2017

The ocean is a noisy place! Underwater acoustics explores what the watery world sounds like and what impact humans are...

11 July 2017

Looking at corals in the dark at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition.

11 July 2017

Could corals migrate to deeper water to survive climate change?

11 July 2017

Making waves in the lab to better understand mixing in the ocean.

11 July 2017

The science on show on the courts of Wimbledon.

04 July 2017

Birdsong may sound beautiful, but can they drum?

04 July 2017

How the brightest light on Earth will improve X-Ray imaging and security measures.

27 June 2017

Unveiling the mysteries of Sun spicules - long strands of high energy plasma that are fired off from the Sun into space...

13 June 2017

As the saying goes, "In Space, no one can hear you scream"... But is it true?

06 June 2017

Scientists are discussing plans for a bigger, stronger particle accelerator to succeed the Large Hadron Collider.

23 May 2017

Chris Smith puts his own questions to the panel in the form of a quiz!

16 May 2017

Is maths our best bet to communicate with aliens?