Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

16 March 2021

Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider have identified 4 more subatomic particles

15 March 2021

Scientists used space radiation to identify a large empty space in the Great Pyramid of Giza

16 February 2021

Searching for a more environmentally-friendly way to look for oil and gas

09 February 2021

Wombats make the most unusually-shaped poo. How do they do it? Their intestines have revealed the secret...

02 February 2021

How do we turn nuclear energy into usable power?

18 January 2021

Scientists have found a novel method for creating photon avalanches with wide-ranging potential applications

12 January 2021

The largest machine in the world will be gearing up for its third operational run...

18 December 2020

How to avoid any graph gotchas...

15 December 2020

Statistical physicists have been breaking down creativity into "novelty" and "influence"...

24 November 2020

Near earth objects that get a bit close for comfort, and what we can do about them

13 October 2020

Meet the winning discoveries: Hepatitis C, the gene editing technique CRISPR, and a supermassive black hole...

04 September 2020

Tourist boats are bothering whales, despite keeping their distance

04 August 2020

Where on Earth can you get the best view of the heavens?

28 July 2020

What is spaghettification? How do you define the kilogram? Adam provides the trivia treats...

21 July 2020

How does this technique work?

16 June 2020

Even under extremes of gravity, general relativity works correctly...

09 June 2020

NASA have blasted a laser cooling lab to the International Space Station. What are they planning?

09 June 2020

Condensate researcher Lindsay LeBlanc is looking into quantum computer memory...

09 June 2020

Physicist Rob Nyman is turning photons of light into a single super-photon. How does it work?

09 June 2020

Wieman won a Nobel prize for making a Bose-Einstein condensate - seventy years after they were predicted...

09 June 2020

What is the fifth state of matter? Two physicists tackle the subject...

18 May 2020

How have scientists been adapting to life without their labs? Here's a physicist's outlet...

05 May 2020

Here's how our players got on in round 2 of the Naked Scientists' science pub quiz...

21 April 2020

Learn how to make a cloud in a jar, and how to spot if a storm is coming...