Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

19 March 2019

Thanks to this new technique perishable food items now last for weeks…

12 March 2019

Here's a demo for you to try at home.

28 February 2019

An injection of nanoparticles to the retina allows mice to see infrared.

19 February 2019

Why is our planet like a drum?

19 February 2019

What could the periodic table look like in the future?

22 January 2019

How do we use science to find forgeries?

22 January 2019

How do we learn about old masterpieces without damaging them?

15 January 2019

What are these strange messages, and should we be using the A- Word!?

11 December 2018

Four more gravitational wave events were recently announced

27 November 2018

The “GAIA” space observatory craft has recently made some interesting discoveries!

20 November 2018

Some massive news this week: scientists have voted to redefine the kilogram.

13 November 2018

How do manufacturers use lasers to make stuff?

06 November 2018

We put our expert panel to the test with a Naked Scientists quiz!

23 October 2018

BepiColombo mission headed for Mercury

09 October 2018

What is this? What’s it going to do? Why does this mission matter?

02 October 2018

What's the LHC ever done for us?

25 September 2018

Can a videogame help teach people about electricity?

18 September 2018

Are humans capable of detecting magnetic fields?

18 September 2018

Can migratory species perceive magnetic fields, and use them to navigate?

18 September 2018

How do magnets actually work?

18 September 2018

This week, it's geomagnetism 101...

24 August 2018

Are the EU's requirements to test bovine TB vaccines feasible?

21 August 2018

Scientists have come up with a liquid battery...

21 August 2018

Here's a simple demo to illustrate the concepts of pitch and volume...