Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

18 September 2018

Can migratory species perceive magnetic fields, and use them to navigate?

18 September 2018

How do magnets actually work?

18 September 2018

This week, it's geomagnetism 101...

24 August 2018

Are the EU's requirements to test bovine TB vaccines feasible?

21 August 2018

Scientists have come up with a liquid battery...

21 August 2018

Here's a simple demo to illustrate the concepts of pitch and volume...

07 August 2018

University Challenge mastermind, and friend of the show, Bobby Seagull explains all...

17 July 2018

How do planes get off the ground, and stay in the air?

17 July 2018

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, how have planes evolved?

17 July 2018

What was Newton's pivotal text about?

10 July 2018

How does sunscreen protect your skin?

03 July 2018

How do you make biofuels at scale, without affecting food production?

26 June 2018

What exactly is a volcano?

26 June 2018

Why does a dripping tap sound the way it does?

26 June 2018

Criminals could be hijacking your computer, using your power to make bitcoins...

05 June 2018

What are the physics behind the beautiful game?

08 May 2018

You can place the tiny laser on contact lenses and banknotes.

08 May 2018

Spoiler: It is BIG.

24 April 2018

Can anyone learn to run a marathon?

17 April 2018

How has our taste developed over evolutionary time?

10 April 2018

What are optometrists measuring during an eye exam?

27 March 2018

Our panelists go head to head and a lifesize (knitted) gut is passed round the studio.

20 March 2018

Why do Black Holes defy the rules of physics...

20 March 2018

The most-downloaded thesis of all time that crashed Cambridge's server...