18 September 2018

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07 August 2018

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03 July 2018

From where should scientists collect seeds to conserve tree species?

05 June 2018

Can Ribena help dye your hair?

29 May 2018

Can we take our plants with us into space?

22 December 2017

Why do sprouts look so weird? And why do people hate them so much?

21 December 2017

First things first, put up the Christmas tree!

24 October 2017

Scientists at Cambridge University have discovered plants are great illusionists.

21 February 2017

Could seagrass hold the key to cleaning up our oceans?

14 February 2017

Sequencing the genome of quinoa improves our understanding of why the plant is able to grow in such harsh conditions.

24 October 2016

Do you reckon tomatoes are becoming less tasty? Science is on your side...

07 October 2016

The ways that plants respond to drought can be changed

22 August 2016

A controversial pesticide has been linked to long-term wild bee decline.

02 August 2016

A parasitic plant that devastates crops in some parts of the world may have now met its match thanks to the household...

12 July 2016

All plants use light to gain energy through photosynthesis but cyanobacteria does it that bit better...

12 July 2016

What is biodiversity and can it survive urbanisation?

12 July 2016

Can we sell biodiversity to policy makers my showing it can make a profit?

12 July 2016

With so many people living on this planet is it time to think about conservation in terms of them?

30 June 2016

A new way to produce a malaria drug using tobacco plants.

07 June 2016

Bees can tell one flower from another just by electric fields that the flowers send out. But how do they do it?

23 May 2016

Some plants can grow on salty soils, but most crops, like rice, can't. Can we use genetics to make salt-loving...

06 May 2016

Phosphorus is needed for crops to grow, so could we breed plants that don't need it? Or use bactieria to unlock...

15 March 2016

Wheat yield has plateaued as our population increases, could genetic modification help feed the planet?

26 February 2016

The Great Barrier Reef is in worst state that previously thought and fingers are pointing to ocean acidification...