Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansions

Should a Pokemon have a gun?
20 January 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


A sign displaying Pokemon characters.


Leigh Milner - I am a big Pokemon fan… so, as you can imagine I was excited to hear this news…

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield expansions have been announced… and they’ll release in two parts: The Isle of Armour will come out in June, and The Crown Tundra in autumn.

There will be 200 more Pokémon… and a few classic ones will return.

Chris - Some people are complaining that you have to pay for the original pokemon and that the company witheld them from the original release… we’ll talk about this more I’m sure in the coming months. 

Leigh - If you haven’t played this latest version, there’s a new type of temporary evolution… kind of... where your Pokemon become massive - it’s called going Gigantamax! But there was some controversy… a Pokemon called Inteleon,which is the third and final form of Sobble, this generation’s water-based starter Pokémon... has a massive gun when it goes Gigantamax.

Chris - It looks like a sniper in a nest. Do you think that’s OK for children? Isn’t Pokemon supposed to have cute and cuddle pokemon? Or have the original fans grown up?

Leigh -  I thought I'd see something with like army colors on it and a bit more human, but it's not too bad. It looks like an alien with a big didgeridoo. 

Chris - Nobody has said that on the internet... that it looks like an alien playing the didgeridoo. Uh, some people say it looks like the kind of Pokemon that could commit war crimes.

Leigh - The expansions are priced at £27, which gets you both parts... and they work for either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield.


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