Retro Revival - Crash Bandicoot Trilogy

Crash returns, but is it any good?
31 May 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Chris Berrow and Georgia Mills review Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

Chris - Let’s go to Retro Revival we're going to review Crash. Finally it's come crash bandicoot N Sane Trilogy something that Georgia and I've been excited for a lot. I have to confess to you as well that I never played the original Crash series. So for me this was kind of a the first I'd seen it. But I've never actually engaged in the game and it was quite difficult control wise, so maybe George's opinion might be slightly better because I think you played the original bit more than I did.

Georgia - So I'm coming at this with full light nostalgia tinted glasses and you know the sort of cool collected logic. Yeah. Know whether it's actually a good game.

Chris - Yeah. Well good, give me... I want to hear your insight first because I think it's kind of more interesting than mine.

Georgia - Oh I just loved it.

Chris - I'm so glad you said that.

Georgia - Hearing the theme song again.

Chris - Ooga Booga see I'm learning.

Georgia - Yeah. I dunno I didn't have the same problem with controls I had with Spyro maybe because it's simply a game you're just running in a line and everything just was was lovely. And yes I think I'm a hypocrite. Laughs I'm I'm like oh well they just made the same game again and that's bad. But this time I'm like pretty good. Maybe the same game make it again. My one criticism is that every single time you play it they make you watch the same ten minute animation, maybe not ten minutes yeah but it feels like yeah it feels like they show you that they've made Crash Bandicoot you know into the modern graphics. Yeah it's like well done. But let me let me go. Now. I know you made it good. That's why I bought it. Yes. Shut up. Let me play. What do you think?

Chris - Well I have to say that my fiancee is a huge fan of the series and played the originals and really loves it and she hasn't stopped playing it. You know she's been playing it for like a couple of months now and just thinks it's the best thing ever so clearly for the fans it's really really good. I find it... I've actually found it quite a difficult game having not played any of the originals at all but it doesn't you know it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. I like actually finally kind of getting that childhood moment of jumping and collecting all the things but still I still can't get the hang of running towards the camera. That's one of the things that gets me is the boulder.

Georgia - Yeah the infamous Boulder, classic Boulder level.

Chris - I just couldn't get the hang of that but it was a lot of fun if you like the originals. It’s worth 100 percent of the money but yeah I'd say go for it what do you think would you reckon Georgia.

Georgia - Yeah absolutely and you get three games with it again. So it's pretty good pretty good value I guess. Yeah. If you're a nostalgic idiot like me hundred percent you'll love it.


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