Retro Revival - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitrous Oxide Edition

Can Crash Bandicoot's racing game with the longest title live up to the hype?
30 July 2019


A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitrous Oxide Edition.

Leigh - I love this so much. This was my childhood. I mean literally I played this probably everyday for as long as I can remember and it's I think this one's even better your Pesci. It's like Tom Waits singing. My.

Chris - So was it as good as you remember because you played a lot of yeah.

Leigh - Yeah yeah yeah. It brought back all those memories nothing. I think it definitely is better than the original just because you can see what's going on a bit more it's got more levels more choice of characters. The graphics are so much better it's just enhanced the superb game that it already was.

Chris - What I really like about it because I actually didn't play the original but you can choose go karts and you know character models that were the original ones that look quite blocky so you can get that kind of original feeling but it's such a smooth running game.

Leigh - Although to be honest I thought I was much better than I actually am… you beat me every single time and I think I've got a bit of a strop the other day yeah and chucked the controller and said I'll never play it again.

Chris - Yeah sorry

Leigh - Yeah so but you've learned all these little cheats and stuff.

Chris - Well you know the one thing is the drifting is key because you boost boost boost three times to get a little bit of extra speed and you you're still coming to terms with the deal

Leigh - But you've obviously been practicing while I've been away.
Chris - Yeah. Obviously you're very angry about it.

Leigh - Yeah I am very angry about like I thought was amazing.

Chris - So should you buy the nitrous oxide edition... what you get is the star skins you get Coco, Crash of course, and actually you get lots of sort of alternate ones you get new levels as well that are being introduced new kind of racetracks and you don't. Well they did this big update which had loads of chickens that was annoying us remember. Yeah there's that kind of weird. Here's a here's the Grand Prix mode which is an on my back. It was weird wasn't it but they're releasing content each month which is amazing really. It's fantastic.

So what you saying then

Leigh - I think this Get ready. The first 10 out of 10 game well of the entire series is it?

Chris - Well it's your first time ever because you give him about 2 or 3.

Leigh - I'm pretty harsh but I think because of the graphics because of the excellent game that it's always been the choice of characters the choice of tracks is definitely got a 10 out of 10 for me.

Chris - Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled: Nitrous Oxide edition is out now… for Xbox One and Nintendo switch.




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