Retro Revival: Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros.

Is the Mario "game and watch" even a watch if it doesn't strap to your wrist?
24 November 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros.


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review the Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros. 

It's literally the size of my hand and you can play games in it, which you can hear at the moment. Well, it's the, it's the old school Mario that, you know, you used to play on. I'm not obviously not very good at talking and playing games... it isn't my forte. So basically it's like the old school Mario that we used to play. And then when you're bored of playing, you can just literally press time and look at that... it'as also a clock!


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