Retro Revival: Super Mario Run

Can our reporter defeat Super Mario Run? (yes, it's far too easy)
23 August 2020

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


Super Mario in silhouette


Alex "let's a go" Rhodes is pleased that he's playing a proper mobile game - Super Mario Run...

Alex - Interestingly, if you've not played this game before, I thought, first of all, you would have to play it horizontally. You know, he'd want you to turn the phone sideways to maximize that big screen. And when you think about the, you know, the platforming games, you think, well, yeah, you're gonna want to see as much as the screen as possible, but actually it's in vertical. Let me just jump over there. Uh, and Mario runs automatically. You don't have to press, you know, sideways on the, uh, on the right hand side of the D pad or anything like that.

Mario runs forward, basically you're in charge of jumping. So it feels sometimes a little bit like it's a little bit easy. 

So I've already built like a little toad house that lets you play a bonus game. So here we go. Oh, okay. Basically you pick up all down. There's four doors and uh, one will lead to riches the other to nothing, but the game's free to download. It's relying on microtransactions. Obviously.

It's pretty good. So far, the graphics are great. It looks like a proper Mario game. It sounds like a proper Mario game. 





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