Review: AO International Tennis 2

Who will win the Australian Open? Leigh and Chris use AO International Tennis 2 to find out.
21 January 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Chris - Let's see who the best tennis player is. I actually used to be quite good at tennis. I had a friend called Corin and I must've played him about 30 times in our childhood and he never beat me.

Leigh - We'll get ready to be destroyed.

Chris - Bring it.

Leigh - I've already picked my player, mate. I'm already Rafa.

Chris - There's only certain license players in this game, right? I want to be Rafa.

Leigh - Fine I'll be Kevin Anderson. 

Chris - Choose the coin toss. I'm choosing tails. That's quite cool that you get to do that.

Quite difficult, isn't it? It's a good rally.

Leigh - It's like when we play... really slow, yes.

Chris - I think I'm gonna play this game a bit more... um, role playing now. 

[audible grunting]

Chris - They don't seem to run very fast for supreme athletes. How are you feeling now? You know, you can challenge the call. I'm challenging your call mate. And it's absolutely well in.

Leigh - It's like being at Wimbledon.

Chris - The game is predicting that I'm going to win, but only 72% of the time. Oh gosh. Oh yes! Redemption for Rugby 20. So what did you think of that?

Leigh - I mean it's all right.

Chris - What my biggest problem is that there's only one licensed player that I would want to play as... it hasn't really got a great selection. 

Leigh - Let me give it a 5 out of 10 because it's like, it's okay if you want to play a bit of tennis, it's all right. But I think there are probably better tennis games out there.

Chris - So AO International Tennis 2 is available now on PlayStation four Xbox one Nintendo Switch, which actually I would recommend it on if I were you. You can also get it on PC. Quite expensive. 50 pounds. 


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