Review – Control

From the makers of Alan Wake, it's Control... could this be an undiscovered gem of a game?
21 September 2019

Interview with 

Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Chris Berrow - Control is a game that is very similar to Alan Wake... third person. You go up against something called "the Hiss", which is possessing people and making them float in midair. You get something cool as an object of power, which is like a gun; you get telekinetic powers from weird things like floppy disks and a massive, large anchor. It's quite an unusual game but you actually played quite a lot of this for a while.

Leigh Milner - Yeah I wasn't very good to be honest, but I thought this was really really good. It's really good and imaginative - quite creative.

Chris - The fact that you can move things like that... I've never seen a game where you have so much power over the environment.

Leigh - Maybe that's why it's called Control?

Chris - Yes. Thank you very much. There was a bit of a weird thing with the brightness at the beginning if you remember they said there are three icons here. Make sure that the left one is invisible. There was only two icons.

Leigh - And how long did it take for you to complete this one?

Chris - You can beat the game in 12 hours, and I think I did it about twelve or thirteen hours. It's very good though. On a very rare occasion it would sort of stutter around a bit, because it couldn't quite handle it. They've just done an update which fixes that. So that's really good. If you want to take a bit longer there are side missions. The only problem this game once you finish, it's not a lot of reason to carry on playing. If you die as well, it takes a little bit of a long time to come back to life and replay. I think you found that?

Leigh - A lot games lare like there aren't they?

Chris - Because it's become more stable. I'd give it a nine out of ten. I'd be interested to know what you'd give it because I really like this.

Leigh - The only problem is, I don't rate games or give them high rates if I can't do it, or I find it hard.

Chris - Yeah.

Leigh - So I'll give this in my... Yeah I'll give it a six. It was quite hard too. It was hard for me it's quite a hard game and I get bored. Then I give up. So I think if I just get more practice maybe I'll be better and I'd give it higher.  Six out of 10 from me.

Chris - Nine for me. It's definitely worth a go. It's a bit of a sleeper hit to be honest so check it out!



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