Review - Effie

Platformer Effie looks beautiful in the trailer, but does it play as well?
21 August 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming


A playstation controller


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Effie...

Chris - The next new release is called Effie developed by Inverge Studios. It's a 3D action adventure game a bit like Zelda but you play as someone who looks like a Viking. You can skateboard on a magical shield. I mean what else could you want. 

Voiceover - A story. About a beautiful red metal. Magical. Valuable treasure. Here some. Reach. An old man. His magic shield. And a wicked witch!

Chris - So it looks amazing in the trailer which is why I decided to buy this game. I didn't actually ask you to play it because it was so bad. And the reason why is because it's like a really basic basic platform game. And I got immediately annoyed because they spelt the word disappointment wrong. Grammar police grammar police! And then the main character this kind of Viking guy. He kept saying "I felt an urge within me". What does that mean. Stop feeling an urge within you. And then there was a moment way it says our hero "treaded" on the tile on the floor and it's like no he trod on the tile so it's just a little grammar mess. I'm really annoyed about the grammar.  Effie incidentally is the girl that you're telling this story to. But it took about an hour to get through the tutorial level escaping from some kind of temple or other... then I got to the skateboarding bit on the shield. Yeah. As a Viking sounds amazing through like a red beautiful flowery meadow which was amazing. Like really fast pace. But then you went to the really boring platforming everywhere you ended up. So that amazing bit was counteracted by the fact that the rest of it was really boring. He's telling his I think it's his child Effie the story of how he became a legend essentially by the fireplace. There's weird ghost bad guys that you have to fight you can't grab onto certain ledges but you can grab onto other ones which doesn't make any sense.

Leigh - So what you're saying Chris is that this is rubbish.

Chris - What I'm saying is I saved you from playing this game.

Leigh - So How much was it.

Chris- £15 quid. It was like 15 words.

Leigh - You spend all of our money finding rubbish games disgraceful.

Chris - 3 out of 10 maybe even 2 out of 10. Maybe for the kids only. I would recommend instead to play Prince of Persia Sands of Time which is a much better platformer but it's out now. PS4 for £15.99 actually coming later this year to Steam as well.



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