Review: Frozen Free Fall

Alex Rhodes is our cold correspondent, reviewing the latest Frozen game for mobile.
22 December 2019

Interview with 

Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


Olaff from Frozen


Time now to look at new releases… and there’s a couple for you… let’s start with Frozen Free Fall, released in conjunction with the film Frozen 2. So is the latest free to play mobile release any good? You get a grid, match the gems and they pop with you getting points! Let’s hand it over to a man who’s as cold as ice, our resident snow man enthusiast and Olaff-ing stock: Alex Rhodes...

Hello there, Chris. Alex here. Now, when you told me that I can be playing a game that ties in with a beloved movie franchise that's very current right now and the all the rage and everyone's talking about it and actually thought, oh, I'm going to be playing with the Star Wars game. I'm not... I'm playing Frozen Free Fall. Uh, I think it came out recently with Frozen 2. It's a mobile game as well. So let's just give it a whirl. Shall we? I've got it installed on my phone here. I'm actually coming to you not from my normal... usually, you know, I'm in my bedroom... this time.... I'm actually at my girlfriend's parents' house for the sort of Christmas period. They're all downstairs. I just sort of snuck upstairs to play computer games by myself. So let's give it a go boot up. Here we are, from what I can tell you, Disney logo is loading up. It looks a bit like a kind of Bejeweled knockoff.

Ooh, here we go. Enter your age, it's embarrassing. 27. I feel like it should close itself down and be like, this isn't for you mate. Okay. I'm looking at a big sort of map. This is me. Loads of levels. Each sort of little nodule on the map represents a level. I think you can't miss this in the top left. Uh, in big letters is "sale"... like many a mobile game... I imagine this will makes all its money... It was free to install... so I imagine it makes all its money from micro transactions. So our target is 7,500 points. I've got 20 moves.

There we go. That was a pretty good one. If you like Bejewelled, you're probably going to like this cause it hits that kind of, you know, scratches that itch of lots of bright colors and sort of sparkly things. And uh, one of the characters I think from Frozen 2 is kind of staring at me with a dead eyed expression at the moment. At the top of my screen we've got free four. What's happening? Magical. I seem to have done it. It's, I've not pressed anything. It's just the target was 7,500. I got 40,000. Oh there's Olaf the little snowman guy again, popping in with a sort of dead expression. From what I can tell, nobody talks in this game. You think the whole advantage of being in the officially licensed game is that you have voice actors. This doesn't even sound like the Frozen music. It just like kind of knock off muzak. Okay. What's this? All right. Okay. This is all like a special gem. You combine it with any ice crystals to break all that. Okay. So yeah, this is something from Bejewelled that's time one of the special tiles. It's just doing it again. It's just like playing the game. I'm not impressed at anything and I'm getting thousands of points here. Target was 10,000 for this level. I've got 41,000 and I barely did anything...


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