Review: Hades

Can you escape hell in Hades? Find out in the latest review for the Naked Gaming Podcast
22 October 2020

Interview with 

Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Hades.

Chris - Hades is finally here and I love it so much. It is amazing. It's it's not your kind of game at all though. You know what it's called? It's called isometric view. I'd have to look this up, but basically imagine like looking at a chess board from the corner, and then you're moving around the guy on the board. That's how it looks when you play the game and you're running around as the son of Hades, right. And you have to try and escape from hell...

Leigh - Sounds lovely

Chris - But it's really difficult. It's like a slasher kind of game. It's like Diablo 3. If anyone's played that... you get loads of powers and you have to try and escape the bosses. And it's really difficult, but I absolutely love it. It's very artistic. It does look like you're in hell. 



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