Review - Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Pokemon GO was a smash hit, but what about the companies next release?
30 July 2019


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Chris - I mean I like to call this Harry Potter go and I think I have done for about four months.

Leigh - Yeah. You have.

Chris - It's the same game essentially as poker Mongo and it's made by the same company Niantic.


Chris - Well I've been getting to grips with this game quite a lot. It's a long pause isn't it. So okay let me just put my cards on the table. I love Harry Potter. I really like it. We went to see Cursed Child in the theater for my birthday. And I really you know I like Harry Potter. First things first you got a name your character. In this open world real life roaming games you walk around like Google Maps essentially you can see a little character there. You find little icons you click on them and then it all turns into virtual reality. Or altered reality A.R. as they call it and you see like Hagrid about to meet accidentally get hit by the tube which is which is I know because you put your foot you hold your phone. So it's a real life. I don't think that supposed to be part of the game. You hold your phone up and like now. What if I was playing I'd hold my phone up and then I might see I don't know like a wizard standing on the desk. So it's quite it's quite clever. Yeah. So I had to name my character and I can't believe I'm gonna admit this but I never realized that it was her mind me when I was a child I read the name and I thought it was Her-me-own.

Leigh - Oh my goodness.

Chris - Yeah. That's bad isn't it.

Leigh - You're a radio presenter… just listen… if you've got no qualifications just be a radio presenter!

Chris - So I decided to name my character Hermy-own.

It was already taken because somebody else thought it was funny. So then I named myself Hermy-owl because I thought that was funny too and that wasn't taken. Anyway so I played for about 30 minutes which drains 30 percent of my battery.

Leigh - Oh wow.

Chris - So it's really like per minute. It's like Pokemon in one sense but you don't have to catch them all.

Leigh - So what's the point of the game.

Chris - Well exactly so you know you're supposed to get stickers of people that you come across instead of Pokemon. And I really didn't like that at all.

Leigh - You’re not convincing me here to be honest.

Chris - No it doesn't seem like there's a point.

Leigh - It seems quite good and fancy and it must be great to see kind of the characters in like looking in front of your shiny plane. But if there's no point to the game what's the point.

Chris - Exactly. Well so the altered reality is better if you turn it off completely because didn't work for me at all on any occasion what's the point of the game. Yeah. Daniel Radcliffe though is voice acting in it. So I'd say the voice acting is very good. All the actors and actresses are there. The music's excellent as well. They paid the money there. But the fundamental problem is that you're not catching Pokémon. Pokemon was good because you remember when we played this for a little bit you catch them and then you'd go to like a gym a real lifeline location you'd leave your Pokémon and then it would fight for your faction. Love it. Red blue and yellow in this you don't know.

Leigh - What you should have today is kind of walk around meet Wizards. And then when you come up to the wizard you could have like a spell fight with them.

Chris - Yeah but that is what I wanted. And that's not what I got. You can get it from the App Store on iPhone now that's the way I played it on. There's a really funny story you've got to mention as well because it uses real life locations. This is a kid's game right. But the designers obviously didn't check every location. One of them in London. That's like a greenhouse that you can get some herbs from turns out to be a strip club.

Leigh -  It's like there's like these little children going to this to this location to get some Harry Potter magic beans or whatever. Well let's hope they don’t ask for them.

Chris - Anyway. They've removed the location from the game now. Well done.


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