Review - Love Island The Game

Can Love Island The Game stop you getting pied off?
30 July 2019


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review a game which the world doesn't really need... imaginatively called Love Island: The Game released by Fusebox

Voiceover - play is one of the girls in the brand new love island mobile game experience the thrill of the chase. The temptation of love. And all the sizzling drama in between. Download announce a couple of. Graft or crack on. It's time to play the game and do whatever it takes to back your dream man. You'd be a mug to miss the game. Download and play.

Chris - I’ve got to admit I actually quite enjoyed Love Island The Game.

Leigh - Oh no not just the game, the whole series. It's got to the point where now we base our lives around love island. It's like when do we have dinner. When do we know we gotta sort Bailey the rabbit out. When we're recording this before Love Island. I've even got a Love Island bottle.

Chris - You're the worst person. By the way it's actually eight minutes to nine right now.

Leigh - I need to get going. Quick quick wrap this up! So what do you think about the game?

Chris - Surprisingly good. Now the first thing I'll say is you cannot play as a male character. Bit sexist... which is a bit odd. So I started off and you know as you've heard from a lot of you I like to create a funny character name because we've recently finished watching Game of Thrones and because it's there's a lot of like beach and sand I've called it Miss Sandy Misande.

Leigh - I called mine Poppy because I like the name.

Chris - Okay. Day one in the Love Island house I was introducing myself to my fellow housemates and Lottie right… asked... what you do is a job. And I said “well I'm a classical cellist”. How many classical cellists do you get a love islands. I can't believe I wasn't even an option. So I think there's a lot of tongue in cheek in the writing of this game a mobile game you know you can choose the options basically. Then Lottie goes “Oh it's like you saw a violin and went oh can I get that and supersize!” That is one of the best lines.

It was free to play to start with and it was quite good. Yes what did you think?

Leigh - Yes I liked it. It's a bit like Sims isn't it. Yeah. Yeah. Like Sims but I know what it's like Sims mixed with the Pokemon on the Gameboy. Yeah. Because it's like you know the battles in your mind when you come face to face and it comes up with little titles and you kind of talks you through the game... select your options. But it does get quite expensive doesn't it....

Chris - Well it's really weird because you get given a certain amount of tokens and every day in the Love Island villa complete you get like a gem. But if you want a sort of conversation options you have to spend your tokens and gems and your tickets on that. And it's really a lot... like it's five quid to get I think 20 gems or something and they you can burn through them really quick you know buy an outfit view character which I did and it looked like she'd been savaged by a shark on my outfit because it was obvious. But all her clothes are torn. It's quite expensive quite quickly so that might put me off in the long run but it was quite entertaining. It was. Yeah.

Leigh - I quite liked it. I'll give it a solid seven at ten.

Chris - Yeah. Yeah. It was a funny game you can see the writers were young and if you'd like that sort of thing. Yeah. You don't have the voiceover guy. That's the one thing that's missing I think Iain Stirling you need.

I think 6 out of 10 pretty good available now on the App store.


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