Review: PC Building Simulator

Is PC Building Simulator easy to get to grips with?
21 November 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow play PC Building Simulator!

Leigh - Okay so I'm in someone's office, it's like my old bedroom. Now I'm reading an email... 'cause like being back at work.

"Thanks for taking over the P.C. shop for me. Sorry it's not the best day. Few things come in. Company's not doing very well. There's no money in the bank account. The rents and energy bill is due."

I don't want to read this, I want to blow something up or race something... I'm currently picking up a parcel I'm walking round an office block.

Chris - You're on minus 15 dollars. You need this job. 

Leigh - Well let's say you are if you help me out in the shop I'll give you 10 percent. If I ever get bored of journalism or presenting I will definitely give PC Building Simulator a go!


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