Review: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)

Can you play Red Dead Redemption 2 as a "cowboy simulator"?
21 November 2019

Interview with 

Alex Rodeo Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast


A playstation controller


Our resident cowboy Alex "rodeo" Rhodes put on his cowboy hat to take on three challenges...

Alex - Hello Chris and Leigh Alex they're coming at you like well not live pre-recorded from my bedroom glamorous location as always no expense spared. I'm playing Red Dead Redemption too which is let's be honest. Basically a cowboy simulator. You sent me a bunch of challenges. You sent them over to me I see. And hopefully by the end I'm going to feel like a proper cowboy like a rhinestone cowboy. That's all your money on the first hand of a poker game. Okay. Well yeah. John Wayne does that doesn't he and various things he's or goes into a saloon and sits down and takes everyone's cash. Let's do that right. I found a poker game here. Let's keep it clean. The buy is two dollars and fifty cents. Big. So you can't go in straight away because otherwise everyone like folds. So I'm going to tempt the men with my with my cunning ways... Jack and a King high. That's pretty good. So let's just raise the bets so we get the community ones. Oh wow. Someone else has gone all in.

So I'm going to match him all in here and another person has gone all in. OK. Right. This is this is we're not messing around. Someone else got a pair of kings but they had a queen high on top and Jack. Well that was quick. I've already lost. That one's failed and I'm bust. Okay well not feeling much like John Wayne after that I don't remember that in the film Tombstone. Number two on the list. Lassie War Horse. Right. That was doable definitely doable.

So I'm at a spot on the map where horses are supposed to be but I'm not having much luck at the moment. Luckily I found the next best thing because you see I'm not alone on the midnight trail at the moment. There is another chap also riding his horse and I'm going to show you a cool simple easy trick to get you know to turn a ridden horse into an unridden horse which you can then lassoo. So what I would do is you simply look at the man select sawn off shotgun and then. Now his horse is unwritten and we're good to go. It's charging off into the distance I'm gonna pursue it. Now the rope is on the rope is on. Easy now. Easy easy. Yes. Here we go. We are onboard on board. You can tell I'm not a natural horse rider. So let's go onto the next one was the final one shoot off a man's hat not using Deadeye mode. I sort of shot off a man's hat. It took off the rest of his head. Also when he was on the horse there but I suppose that doesn't really count. Okay let's go. Shoe off a man's hat. Luckily t here is a camp in the distance. Okay I'm going to sneak up I'm to see if I can shoot off his hat without him noticing.

Well he's going to know is by me without hitting him. Okay one second he was talking I think a philosophical argument right. Okay.
Here we go. Oh you see me you see me. That was a headshot unfortunately. Come on come on get the hat. The hat. This. May hit in the arm. I can't do that I'm owed. Of course I'm not allowed. Right. One left in that. Mess. There's. There's. Got him got the. And he's dead as well. Yes. So you can see I'm definitely sort of taking more of an outlaw route today.


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