Review - Sky: Children of the Light

The latest release from the makers of Journey is beautiful, by would you play it on mobile?
21 August 2019

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming


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Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Sky: Children of the Light.

Chris - Time to look at new releases, this month the makers of Journey released their latest game Sky: Children of the Light… which hit 1 million downloads in the first 5 days of release.


If you haven’t played Journey before this was visually very similar... it’s a beautiful game, you character can’t speak… you go across epic landscapes with amazing music, and you can jump and fly around… coming across other players…

Leigh - I absolutely love this game. 

Chris - How would you play it for ?

Leigh - Just about 15 minutes. That's all I had time for. But I saw the graphics are beautiful.

Chris - It's such a well I think it's the most beautiful mobile game I've ever played.

Leigh - The sound is fantastic and it actually tells you right the start. It has a little sign which says something like music is 50 percent of the game. I wanted to carry on playing it and I normally download a game and then delete it. Yeah. And this one's actually stayed on. So it's free to play but basically you unlock musical instruments hairstyles different levels leave messages for other players. You can even invite your own friends to play with you make friends and and you get candles you're the candles thing is interesting.

Chris - It seems like quite a positive game you know candles can be converted into hearts and then you can use them to buy hairstyles as it gets further down the line some of the levels get a bit darker. So if you're young the younger side you might be actually quite scared by this as I found them quite scary to be honest with you at the controls. How did you find them because I found them fiddly to start. Now I know you were quite easy. Luckily they were fiddly. I think before they did an update but that update has improved them loads and it's just it's really really good. Why would you give it out. I mean I'm going for a really strong nine of 10 for this. And the fact that it's free to play as well. I mean you can spend money buying candles and getting season passes risk gives you challenges. But you know 9 out of 10.

Leigh - I'm harder to please. 8 out of §0. 

Chris - Go and get it now. Free to play on Apple devices.


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