Review: Star Wars: Squadrons

We review another Star Wars game with a colon in the title: Squadrons. Should you play it in VR?
22 October 2020

Interview with 

Alex Griffiths, Naked Gaming Podcast


A TIE fighter


Alex Griffiths finds out if you should play Star Wars: Squadrons in VR.

Alex - So I've had Star Wars: Squadrons for just over a week now. And what I've realized is it's pretty much two games rolled into one. You've got the flat screen version, which is a really enjoyable arcady space flight SIM with really lively multiplayer. And then you've got the VR version, which is all of your childhood dreams of being Luke Skywalker come to life at once. There's nothing in gaming, like looking to the side after your cockpit and watching the X-Wing foils move into attack position. If you grew up with Star Wars like me as well, it does make the hairs stand up on your arm when you're in the cockpit as well, very different to the flat screen version. 


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