Review: Street Fighter V Champion Edition

Is playing Street Fighter V the best way to spend Valentine's Day?
21 February 2020

Interview with 

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast


Street Fighter figurines


Leigh Milner - Street Fighter V the “Champion Edition” was released on Valentine’s day… what a romantic way to spend an evening!

Although the game originally came out in 2016, this new version has more characters, outfits… and more fighting goodness

Chris Berrow - Well anyway, I'm a lover, not a fighter. So as a health warning... I didn't read it. Three rounds, 60 seconds. Let's do this. How long has it taken us to get to this point that you just can't work out? You don't read the instructions, so it's very difficult to fight. I know. Shiny. What stage? Let's go with like the first one. I just go. Always forgotten. Okay. With sheep. With the sheep there. Oh, do they have like the old characters? This guy Dalsim. Whoa. Look at me because I'm prominent, shall we say? I'm going to go well Zangief. Oh, I remember Zangief. Whoa. He's scary. Let's get ready. Three rounds. Who is the champion? He's very good. I'm going to kick your HIAs. Wow. IThat's pretty disgusting actually. Come on guys. Floating in. Look at his long legs. Remember this guy? Oh, he was so good.

Leigh - Oh, hello? Oh, you're on fire, mate. I can't remember anything about that. She took it. I haven't. Oh look guys. Kicking butt. That's ugly. Oh, grab grubby so bad at this game. Money. So speak for yourself. Yes. Kao won nails. He got, he went a bit, he's had a bit of like high blood pressure. He looked like Metapod big gee, if I win this weight, what earth are you doing there? Oh, what do I do then that was getting good. Getting a good few hits in there is like two of the worst amateurs of all time. Tried to do a game chase character. My rubbish on change character. You have to get some muscle man. Never go from muscle man. Believe me, I'm shooting with these long arms. I though, Oh, come on. It's the closest I've ever been. Oh, look at that. There's the picture because the picture that I want to chase character mind for rubbish. Oh, I'm player two wins.

Chris - Street Fighter V the Champion Edition is available now on PS four and PC for about 20 quid on top of the original game for PC. It's 35 pounds of PlayStation and I would recommend it because I absolutely destroyed you...

Leigh - ...and I wouldn't because it's not the same game!


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