Review - Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Is the latest Tom Clancy game as good as the original?
02 June 2019


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Chris Berrow and Alex Rhodes review Tom Clancy's The Division 2.

Voiceover - I never pictured my first trip to DC would be like this. After we survived the initial attack in New York. Our capital needed us. Four. Division agents still struggling to hold this country together. It's time we check our enemies. Out of their castles. We will not compromise. We. Will never surrender.

Chris - So I enjoyed this one. In fact the Division 1 was the reason why I actually bought a PlayStation 4 in the first place because I was so excited by the trailer. They did such a good job by making you feel like you could go through big American cities you can play in Co Op and stuff like that so that's generally why I got the PlayStation 4 alongside wanting Fallout 4 as well. But I mean you played the Division 1 it's a good game isn't it.

Alex - It is a good game and then you know it controls really good in the game plays really good and that sort of thing. And I didn't you know I didn't. Only I saw borrowed it from a pal and yen and played through it a bit and the A.I. I think quite famously was a bit limited. Yeah arms of the enemies just kind of do what they are programmed to do and there's not much you know they run at you and get shot in the head. Basically you like the colors like you know as a similar sort of gears a war style system. One thing I can remember though from the original is that you couldn't crouch when not in cover and that just kind of you know one of those thing hurts your brain doesn't it. Yeah. Yeah.

Chris - Well all I'll say about the division 2 is that it's exactly the same as Division 1. There's like really there's no need to buy the Division 2 if you haven't played the Division 1 because everything is the same. It's a slightly smoother. The enemies are slightly more inventive in that they'll you know try and get behind you now. These are the eyes a bit better but there's no massive bosses that the cover systems pretty much the same. It's I cannot find anything that's new about this game that that's particularly exciting but everyone seems to love it.

Alex - That's quite strange really because the first one I don't think did the numbers that they wanted really so I would've thought they would have gone full outside the box a little changed up a bit. It did seem you know from when I played it I did a bit the story mode which are great the side missions were a bit repetitive but limited it's pushing you down that kind of thing and it's got it's all got that Destiny sort of thing where it's you know you're playing alongside other people who are online as well. That's interesting that they haven't decided to shake up because like you say a lot people seem to be seen to be raving about.
Yeah really. But that may be because if the Division 1 didn't sell that well and maybe they didn't play the original so it could be all new to them.

Chris - This story is non-existent really as well I couldn't tell you what I mean there's some kind of vet called hyenas the bad guys are hyenas and you have to kill them because they're bad. That's about as far as we could get the story. You know it's we're on another post apocalyptic game.

Alex - Yeah you can. You can have a great post apocalyptic game or you can sometimes have you know it's a bit of a copout in terms of setting because it's just like oh we'll set it after some kind of apocalypse. Yeah. Towns are destroyed. Raiders are the bad guys.

Chris - Well the the atmosphere again is really good. The environments that you play in are amazing the cover system it's really good. It's just as good as the first one. Slightly disappointing that the bosses as well are just human characters with loads of shields so there's no kind of just bullet sponges basically. Yeah so that's a bit frustrating but you know it's bigger it's better in a way it's more stable playing co-op online is the best thing about it. So if you can do that then definitely go for it. But yeah I wanted more new features and it's getting a less generous six out of 10 from me and I will just say as well as you mentioned different versions of games slightly more expensive versions. Definitely definitely don't buy the 90 pound edition Super Extended everything. If there's no need at all you get everything you need from the basic cut of the basic the Division 2 is available on PS4 and Xbox One you can get hold of it now.



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