Review - A Way Out

A Way Out promises exciting co-op gameplay, but is it any good?
31 May 2019


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Chris & Georgia review A Way Out.

Georgia - So I think I mentioned last time how much I love co-op games. I got this one for my birthday.

Chris - Happy birthday.

Georgia - Oh it was a long time ago. Thank you very much.

Chris - Still party.

Georgia - Yeah. Yeah. Still going till the next one. But my one of my best friends... we always play games together. So he got it for me. I think as a present for himself basically. So he'd get to play too. The idea is your two men in prison. Each of you chooses a character and you basically have to as the name suggests get out of the prison. So it's called A Way Out.

Voiceover - Stay the hell away from me. OK. So.

Georgia - It's quite fun because you know one of you will do one thing while the other one does something else. It's kind of like a puzzle. And then every now and then the excrement hits the fan as you have a bit of an action sequence.

Chris - I like you had to think about what word to say there. So I have actually heard of this you've reminded me because of the description now. So this game itself it's pure co-op you can't play single payer or can you.

Georgia - Yep pure co-op so you have to have at least one friend. It starts off great fun it's very and it's very sort of new if it's like a new thing like you're one of you sort of lying in the hospital bed and the other one's trying to sneak off and get a key and you have to sort of cause a distraction all the while staying in your hospital bed sort of thing. So it's quite fun like seeing the other person sneak around while you're trying to sort of help them out. And that is really really fun. But it's one of those games that really railroads you kind of have to do exactly what they they thinking. There's not much room for creativity and they kind of went very much like down the line if they wanted to be like a film so that the players have very strong characters. So again you don't really get that feeling of like immersion that you're in there playing it you feel like you're kind of watching it watching a film and every now and then you're doing stuff. So there were lots of like really nice touches but all in all it was like a bit easy a bit short and there were a few bits that felt like the characters were doing stuff he didn't want to do and that's quite frustrating when you're playing a game I feel that was worth a go maybe you want to rent.

Chris - So a way out then it's available on, well what did you play on PlayStation presumably.

Georgia -  On PlayStation.

Chris - You love the Playstation don't you. It's available in Xbox as well Microsoft Windows. What do you give it out of 10?

Georgia - To give it a rating maybe 6?

Chris Berrow - Not bad at all.



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