21 August 2018

Research suggests that children are more likely than adults to succumb to robot peer pressure...

14 August 2018

Why have Ford equipped their production line staff with exoskeletons?

17 October 2017

Are any of our jobs safe?

26 September 2017

What could exoskeleton technology mean for the future?

15 August 2017

In 2020, the European Space Agency will launch a rover onto the surface of Mars on an exploratory mission to look for...

15 August 2017

Artificial intelligence will change our future. Even the future of magic tricks.

25 July 2017

How do underwater robots survive the intense pressures of the deep, and what are they being used for?

24 January 2017

Soft robotic sleeve gives hearts a helping hand.

18 October 2016

A new brain implant can restore the sense of touch to patients with paralysis or prosthesis.

10 October 2016

...and they're a thousand times thinner than a human hair.

20 September 2016

What are the instruments on board Gaia and how do they work?

22 August 2016

From shadows on the wall to computer generated masterpieces, what's next for animation?

06 June 2016

Imagine all the kit you need to start your own molecular biology lab, packed down into the size of a laptop bag and...

06 May 2016

Can you imagine a robot that’s one hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair?

03 April 2016

New techology in prosphetics has led to a robotic fingertip that actually feels.

24 March 2016

If we can make artificially intelligent machines, they'll need a body, but that's not very easy...

24 March 2016

Will we find ourselves running hell for leather down Oxford Circus as scores of cyborgs mows us down from from behind?

24 March 2016

Currently, personal assistant robots are not the chattiest but one scientist at Cambridge is hoping to change that...

24 March 2016

In the next 20 years, 47% of jobs are likely to be taken over by machines.

24 March 2016

When we talk about artificial intelligence, what do we actually mean?

07 March 2016

A new material which could be used to make blushing robots and 3D phone displays has been developed.

02 February 2016

We say goodbye to the lander that bounced its way to fame across the surface of comet 67P.

05 January 2016

To answer this question, we turn to horses. Why? Until recently, scientists thought they had reached a genetic limit...