17 April 2018

The Naked Scientists pop some bottles... All in the name of science!

17 April 2018

How do companies create the flavours we find in food?

17 April 2018

How has our taste developed over evolutionary time?

17 April 2018

SPOILER: Taste maps are a lie!

10 April 2018

Watch out arachnophobes - spiders are super-seers...

03 April 2018

Why moths are the best hearers out there

03 April 2018

Can stem cells or genetic therapy restore hearing?

03 April 2018

Are we headed for a hearing loss epidemic?

22 December 2017

And why are kid up at the crack of dawn on Christmas Day?

10 October 2017

A gene therapy technique has restored lost vision in mice.

15 August 2017

A team at the University of Iowa are listening to the sounds of space ...

16 May 2017

Could a bad night's sleep increase sensitivity to pain?

09 May 2017

Can you read minds? Well maybe not quite, but research suggests it's linked to monitoring your own heartbeat...

14 March 2017

Do we really have five senses, or could there be a few more we've been forgetting?

14 February 2017

What's it like to be able to hear again with a 'bionic ear'?

24 October 2016

As winter approaches, Kat sees how we can keep warm by scrutinizing the science behind heat loss...

24 October 2016

We face our fears and head into the dark to find out when it all began...

11 August 2016

We've all seen the stereotypical hallucinogenic images but what happens to the brain of someone who takes LSD?

17 May 2016

Have you ever looked at the sky on a sunny day and seen tiny white dots wiggling in your vision?

08 February 2016

New research suggests you might mis-intepret what you're reading if you're also listening to music...

08 February 2016

Moving meal times can disrupt learning and memory