08 May 2018

You can place the tiny laser on contact lenses and banknotes.

21 February 2017

A trial for a passenger drone was announced in Dubai this week, but how would it work?

18 November 2016

GPS is useful, but it has a number of problems, and doesn't work well inside buildings. Could a Cambridge startup...

18 October 2016

A new brain implant can restore the sense of touch to patients with paralysis or prosthesis.

27 September 2016

The new gadget that could save lives.

27 September 2016

Could a light bulb be the latest in internet connectivity? Quite possibly...

20 September 2016

What are the instruments on board Gaia and how do they work?

20 September 2016

What will happen to all the data that has been collected by Gaia?

18 July 2016

How can we simulate touch in a virtual environment?

07 June 2016

The UN estimates that by 2050 up to 70% of us will be living in cities. How can we make them more sustainable?

06 May 2016

Can you imagine a robot that’s one hundred thousand times smaller than the width of a human hair?

26 April 2016

As drones are getting more commonplace, has the law caught up?

26 April 2016

We've all heard about driverless cars but what about driverless ships?

03 April 2016

New techology in prosphetics has led to a robotic fingertip that actually feels.

07 March 2016

A new material which could be used to make blushing robots and 3D phone displays has been developed.

23 February 2016

All processes give off waste energy and more and more technology is being developed that harnesses that energy in a...

02 February 2016

Blueprints for 3D printed plastic guns may be released online - are these a threat to security?

25 January 2016

The first brain implant which doesn't need surgery to be removed has been developed.

22 December 2015

The Mi.Mu gloves control music with gesture and Connie Orbach was lucky enough to try them on.

08 December 2015

Abbey Road studio has a history in music technology but now it's getting back involved with a hub for startups,...

08 December 2015

How can technology enhance creativity and performance? By making every movement a command.

30 November 2015

Would you want your laptop to try to cheer you up on a sad day? New technology allows software to recognise emotions.

17 November 2015

A tiny wireless brain implant powered by radio waves that uses light to control nerve cells has been developed by...